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Patty Conlin, Jeweler and Host
Hours: Tue-Sat, 10 am - 5:30 pm

St. Peter MN

Thanks for visiting us at the Stones Throw Art Gallery! Make yourself at home while you browse through the work of about 90 artists.

I'm Patty. You'll generally find me at my bench, doing what every goldsmith loves most: Creating custom jewelry.

Artist of the Month

Our "Artist of the Month" for February is Jon Smithers.  Jon is a wonderful nature and wildlife photographer. And he likes to fly his drone and take photos!  He has works of many sizes in the gallery. Stop into the gallery to recareve 10% off retail price for purchasing items made by the Artist of the Month!

Local and Regional Artists

A couple dozen of the painters, sculptors, photographers and other artists whose work is carried at the Stones Throw live in or very close to St. Peter. Sixty percent live within a 30-mile radius. Everybody has a St. Peter connection.

If you're curious about gemstones, I love showing my samples, telling their stories, and dreaming with you about your perfect pendant, ring, bracelet, or gift.

Artwork for Everyone

We have everything from handmade greeting cards to beautiful original framed artwork and custom gold jewelry. 


Stones Throw Gallery Address:
420 N. Minnesota Avenue, St. Peter, MN  56082


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