Dennis Loucks

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Ceramic Art

North Mankato MN

I grew up enjoying beauty and diversity as my family traveled regularly. This background shows up in my ceramic art as I strive for aesthetic value and contrast, and at the same time I am not afraid of taking risks with clay, glaze, firing methods.

Recently my work is starting to reflect the landscapes in south central Minnesota and the Minnesota River Valley that I have been around most of my life. All the ravines, trees, streams, fields, and lakes are starting to show up in my work here and there, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. Words used to describe my work would be flow, organic, amorphous, and I like to celebrate the softness, plasticity, malleability of wet clay in all my ceramics work.

At the moment I am focusing on a dinnerware scheme that I call River Ware, sculptural teapots and figures, as well as what I call amorphous pots.


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